Configure SNMP settings

To configure the SNMP settings:

  1. In the Network Settings section, click Notifications.
  2. Under Notifications, click SNMP.
  3. On the SNMP Settings page, in the SNMP Monitor field, type the hostname for the SNMP trap receiver. Multiple names can be entered, separated by commas.
  4. In the SNMP Community field, enter the SNMP community name.
  5. In the SNMP Port field, type the SNMP port number for your network that is used by the SNMP agent to respond back to the source port on the SNMP manager.
    The default response port is 162.
  6. Click Test Settings to verify that your SNMP settings are correct. If the settings are correct, you should see an entry in the SNMP log file on the SNMP server similar to the following:
    Connection from UDP: []:42164->[]:162

    Where is the IP address of your ExtraHop appliance and is the IP address of the SNMP server.

  7. Click Save.
Published 2021-06-09 14:42