Configure the iDRAC Remote Access Console

If your ExtraHop system is deployed in a data center or other remote environment, you might need to access the console and power-management features through a remote connection. Remote access is available on the ExtraHop system through the Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC). After you enable and configure iDRAC, you can power cycle the system, view console messages, and review hardware monitoring and boot logs.

The iDRAC interface is enabled by default on all ExtraHop appliances, except the EDA 1200, which does not have an iDRAC interface. You can download updates for the iDRAC controller firmware from the Dell Technologies website.

Note:The steps and menu options to change settings can vary by iDRAC version.

Accessing the iDRAC

  1. When the appliance is running, the LCD displays the existing IP address. Under the LCD, press the checkmark button between the two arrows.
  2. Highlight iDRAC and press the checkmark button.
  3. Highlight IP and press the checkmark button.
  4. Write down the IP address that appears on the LCD.
  5. In a web browser, type the IP address, and log in with the username root and the password, which is the service tag number listed in the screen or on the pullout at the front of the appliance. The password is case-sensitive.

Configuring the iDRAC with a static IP address

  1. Click iDRAC Settings.
  2. In the Current IPv4 Settings section, click Configure IPv4 Settings.
  3. Select Disabled from the DHCP drop-down menu.
  4. In the Static IP Address field, type the IP address that you want to configure for remote access to your ExtraHop system.

Launching the iDRAC virtual console

  1. From the Configuration menu, click Virtual Console.
  2. Click Launch Virtual Console.

Power cycling the system

  1. From the Configuration menu, select Power Management.
  2. From the Power Control drop-down menu, select Reset System (warm reboot).
  3. Click Apply.

Set a secure password

The iDRAC password is configured by default with the service tag number on the pullout at the front of the ExtraHop appliance. You should change the default password to a more secure password that you choose.

  1. From the iDRAC Settings menu, click Users.
  2. Click Local Users.
  3. Select the root user and then click Edit.
  4. Type the new password, and then type the password again to confirm.
    Important:Passwords cannot contain more than 20 characters.
  5. Click Save.

Update the iDRAC firmware

To take advantage of iDRAC firmware enhancements, you can update the iDRAC controller firmware. The iDRAC controller firmware is not updated when you upgrade the ExtraHop system firmware.

Important:This procedure requires that you shut down the appliance to complete the update process.
  1. Follow the instructions on the Dell Technologies website to update the firmware.
  2. Log in to the Administration settings on the ExtraHop system through https://<extrahop-hostname-or-IP-address>/admin.
  3. In the Appliance Settings section, click Shutdown or Restart, and then click Shutdown.
  4. Log in to the iDRAC web interface.
  5. On the Dashboard page, select Power On System.
Last modified 2024-04-02