Update Lambda function runtime for ExtraHop flow sensor

If you deployed an ExtraHop flow sensor with an AWS Lambda function prior to October 2023, you must update the runtime for the function from Go to Amazon Linux. The Go runtime is deprecated as of December 31,2023. After that date, existing functions with the Go runtime will continue to run, but the runtime will not be updated with security fixes.

  1. Download the exflowlogs-lambda.zip file from the ExtraHop downloads page.
  2. In AWS, go to the Lambda function you created for your ExtraHop flow sensor.
  3. Upload the exflowlogs-lambda.zip file.
    1. Click Upload from.
    2. Click .zip file.
    3. Click Upload.
    4. Select the exflowlogs-lambda.zip file.
  4. In the Runtime settings section, click Edit.
  5. From the Runtime dropdown list, select Amazon Linux 2.
  6. In the Handler field, type bootstrap.
  7. Click Save.
  8. In the Runtime settings section, click Edit.
  9. In the Architecture section, click arm64.
  10. Click Save.
Last modified 2024-04-09