Reports FAQ

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about reports.

What is the difference between an executive report and a dashboard report?

Executive reports and scheduled dashboard reports both enable you to communicate information about your network to stakeholders who might not have access to your ExtraHop system. The following table describes how they differ.

  Executive Reports Dashboard Reports
What ExtraHop systems are they available from? ExtraHop Reveal(x) Enterprise and ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360 systems Consoles on Reveal(x) Enterprise and Reveal(x) 360
What module access do they require? NDR NDR or NPM
What information do they contain? A summary of the top detections and risks to your network from the last week. Dashboards that you select for the time interval that you specify.
How are they generated? From the Security, Network, and Perimeter overview pages.

Click Generate Executive Report to create a PDF of the report.

Click the System Settings icon and then click Dashboard Reports. Click Create to configure report settings. For more information, see Create a scheduled dashboard report.
Can I change the contents of the report? No. The executive report contents cannot be changed. Yes. From the Dashboard Reports page, click the name of a report to change the report contents, schedule, and email recipients.
How are they delivered? You can print a hard copy or email the downloaded PDF file. When you create a dashboard report you specify both the schedule and the email recipient list.

Can I export my dashboard report as a CSV or Excel file instead of a PDF file?

You cannot export your scheduled dashboard report as a CSV or Excel file.

I received an email that said my scheduled report was unable to be generated. How do I resolve the issue?

If you created a scheduled report for a dashboard that was later deleted or became inaccessible to you, the scheduled report email will continue to be sent to recipients with a message that the report was not generated. To stop the delivery of this report email, disable or delete the report. Or you can change the dashboard content of the report.
Last modified 2023-11-07