Generative AI Tools dashboard

The Generative AI dashboard enables you to monitor traffic from OpenAI tools on your network.

Each chart in the Generative AI Tools dashboard contains visualizations of traffic associated with the OpenAI cloud service for tools such as ChatGPT. View traffic that was generated during a selected time interval, organized by region.

Note:From a console, you can display the Generative AI Tools dashboard for each connected site. The site name appears in the navigation bar; click the down arrow next to the name to pivot the display to other sites.

The Generative AI Tools dashboard is a built-in, system dashboard, and you cannot edit, delete, or add system dashboards to a collection. However, you can copy a chart from the Generative AI Tools dashboard and add the chart to a custom dashboard, or you can make a copy of the dashboard and edit the dashboard to monitor metrics that are relevant to you.

The following information summarizes each region and its charts.

Generative AI Tools
Monitor traffic to OpenAI-based tools observed on your network. Learn when traffic occurred, how much data was transferred, and which internal endpoints participated.
Last modified 2023-11-07