Load and manage a saved activity map

You can view, update, or delete saved activity maps. First, you must first create a new map to access a list of saved and shared maps.

  1. Log in to the ExtraHop system through https://<extrahop-hostname-or-IP-address>.
  2. Create an activity map, and then click the Open icon in the upper right corner of the page.
  3. Choose one of the following activity map options:
    • To load a map, click the map name. If you want to modify and then re-save the map, make your changes and then click the Save icon.
      Tip:You can also modify the properties for a saved map by clicking the command menu and then clicking Map Properties.
    • To delete a map, click Delete next to the map name.
    Note:Users must have privileges to view or interact with activity maps. See User privileges in the ExtraHop Administrators Guide.
Last modified 2024-04-01