Replace the firmware disk in an ExtraHop Discover appliance

This procedure explains how to replace the firmware disk in ExtraHop Discover 3100, 6100, 8100, and 9100 appliances. This process requires you to shut down the appliance, replace the hardware drive, and then log in to the appliance through the rescue media (typically available as a USB drive inserted into a port on the appliance) and follow the instructions in the boot menu to recover the system.

Warning:The ExtraHop rescue media is required to perform this procedure. The rescue media must have the same ExtraHop firmware version that is installed on the ExtraHop appliance. If you are unsure of the correct firmware version on the rescue media, contact ExtraHop Support.

Before you begin

  • Contact ExtraHop Support to properly identify the failed disk in the chassis and to order a replacement disk.
  • Back up critical system files to assist in the recovery of the system, if needed.

Shut down the appliance

Shut down the appliance from the ExtraHop Administration settings, console, serial, or iDRAC connection through one of the methods listed below, in the following recommended order.

  1. Log in to the Administration settings on the ExtraHop system through https://<extrahop-hostname-or-IP-address>/admin.
  2. In the Appliance Settings section, click Shutdown or Restart, and then click Shutdown.
  3. Log in to the command-line interface with the shell user account, enable privileged commands, and then shutdown the system with the shutdown command. It can take up to two minutes for the system to shut down.
  4. Press the power button once without holding, wait a few minutes for the system to shut down.
  5. Press and hold the power button until the appliance turns off. This method should only be tried if the previous methods are unresponsive, as a forced reboot can cause data loss.

Replace the disk

Before starting this procedure, make sure that the Rescue Media USB or CD is inserted into the ExtraHop appliance so that you can boot into the Rescue Media in the next procedure.

  1. After the system is powered off, remove the firmware disk from the specific slot identified by ExtraHop Support.
  2. Insert the new firmware disk into the correct slot.
  3. Press the power button on the front of the appliance.

Recover the ExtraHop system

The system recovery option enables you to recover your ExtraHop system after an upgrade, restart failure, or firmware disk replacement, while maintaining your data and customizations. This option first attempts to replace the current system firmware with an existing backup. If no backup is available, the current system firmware is replaced with a verified version provided on the rescue media.

  1. Boot into the rescue media interface.
  2. From the Select Menu Option screen, select ExtraHop System Recovery and then press ENTER.
  3. Select Yes at the prompt to confirm that you want to recover the previous firmware installation.
  4. If no previous firmware is available, you will be prompted to replace the firmware with the firmware on the rescue media. Type Y and then press ENTER.
    Note:System recovery can take up to 45 minutes to complete.
  5. When prompted, press ENTER.
  6. Select Yes to reboot and press ENTER.
The appliance reboots, performs initialization of the system hardware, and then launches the ExtraHop firmware.

Next steps

Configure the primary management interface through the command-line interface. To configure the IP address through the front panel LCD controls, see the deployment guides for your specific hardware.

Verify disk status information

Ensure that the disk replacement procedure is successful by verifying the disk status.

  1. Log in to the Administration settings on the ExtraHop system through https://<extrahop-hostname-or-IP-address>/admin.
  2. In the Appliance Settings section, click Disks.
  3. In the Drive Map section, verify that all of the disks in the image are green.
  4. In the Firmware section, verify that the RAID Status field displays Optimal.
Last modified 2024-04-01