Classify IP addresses and trusted domains

By providing details about your network specifications, you can improve the metrics and detections generated by your ExtraHop system. The Network Locality page enables you to classify the locality of IP addresses and add trusted domains that your devices regularly connect to.

Note:Network Locality settings must be configured on all sensors and consoles. For ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360, these settings are synchronized across all connected sensors; do not configure these settings on individual sensors.

Before you begin

You must have full write privileges to change these settings.

Specify the locality for IP addresses

By adding a CIDR block to the Network Localities page, you can classify traffic from these IP addresses as internal or external to your network.

  1. Log in to the ExtraHop system through https://<extrahop-hostname-or-IP-address>.
  2. Click the System Settings icon and then click Network Localities.
  3. Click Add a CIDR Block.
  4. In the Network field, type a single IP address or CIDR block. You must enter a unique range of IP addresses.
  5. Select Internal or External, based on which classification you want to apply to the CIDR block.
  6. (Optional): In the Description field, type information about why you are configuring the locality of this CIDR block.
  7. Click Save.
  8. To add more entries, click Add CIDR.

Next steps

Verify that the ExtraHop system no longer classifies an IP address as an external or internal by completing the following steps:
  1. Click Assets at the top of the page. The Devices page appears, which lists all the protocols with traffic in the selected time interval.
  2. From Devices by Protocol Activity, click the device count for TCP. A protocol page appears that displays metrics for every device on your network with TCP activity.
  3. In the TCP Connections section, look for changes in the number of External Accepted and External Connected metrics. For example, if you classified a large CIDR block for a remote office as Internal, then the number of external connections should be lower.

Filter IP addresses by locality

You can filter detail metric data by internal or external IP addresses.

  1. Log in to the ExtraHop system through https://<extrahop-hostname-or-IP-address>.
  2. Drill down on a metric from a dashboard or protocol page by client, server, or IP address.
    A detail metric page appears that displays metric data listed by IP address.
  3. In the trifield filter, click Any Field and then click Network Locality, as shown in the following figure.

  4. Click All Locations and then select Internal or External.
  5. Click Add Filter.
Detail metric data for internal or external devices is displayed.
Last modified 2023-11-07