Add a trusted certificate to your ExtraHop system

Your ExtraHop system only trusts peers who present a Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificate that is signed by one of the built-in system certificates and any certificates that you upload. SMTP, LDAP, HTTPS ODS and MongoDB ODS targets, as well as Splunk recordstore connections can be validated through these certificates.

Before you begin

You must log in as a user with unlimited privileges to add or remove trusted certificates.
When uploading a custom trusted certificate, a valid trust path must exist from the uploaded certificate to a trusted self-signed root in order for the certificate to be fully trusted. Either upload the entire certificate chain for each trusted certificate or (preferably) ensure that each certificate in the chain has been uploaded to the trusted certificates system.
Important: To trust the built-in system certificates and any uploaded certificates, you must also enable SSL/TLS or STARTTLS encryption and certificate validation when configuring the settings for the external server.
  1. Log in to the Administration settings on the ExtraHop system through https://<extrahop-hostname-or-IP-address>/admin.
  2. In the Network Settings section, click Trusted Certificates.
  3. (Optional): The ExtraHop system ships with a set of built-in certificates. Select Trust System Certificates if you want to trust these certificates, and then click Save.
  4. To add your own certificate, click Add Certificate and then paste the contents of the PEM-encoded certificate chain into the Certificate field
  5. Type a name into the Name field and click Add.
Last modified 2023-11-07