Create an application through the Web UI

An application is a user-defined container that you can associate with multiple devices and protocols for a unified view of built-in metrics. You can create a basic application through the ExtraHop Web UI, which enables you to assign one or more devices to the application and filter the built-in metrics by protocol; it does not require you to write JavaScript code.

To create an application with more advanced options, you can create an application through the Trigger API.
Important:Applications cannot be deleted. The application ID is permanent and cannot be changed.
  1. Log in to the ExtraHop system through https://<extrahop-hostname-or-IP-address>.
  2. Click Assets from the top menu and select Applications in the left pane.
  3. Click Create Application.
  4. In the Display name field, type a unique, friendly name for the application.
  5. In the Application ID field, type a unique, permanent ID for the application.
    After the application is saved, the ID cannot be modified or deleted.
  6. In the Discover appliance field, select the appliance you want to associate with the application.
    This step is only required if you are logged in to a Command appliance. The application only collects and displays metrics from devices observed by the selected appliance. For example, if you select a device group as a source for your application, but one of the devices is not on the specified Discover appliance, the application only shows the metrics from the remaining devices.
  7. (Optional): In the Application description field, type a description of the application, such as the service it represents.
    If provided, the description is displayed in the applications list.
  8. Click the Data Sources tab.
  9. In the Sources field, type a device or device group name, and then click one or more sources from the list of results.
    The application is not active until you specify at least one source. The application collects metrics only from the selected sources.
    Tip:You can also create an application directly from the Overview page or a protocol page of a device group. From the command menu, click Create Application and the device group is automatically added as a data source for the application.
  10. (Optional): From the Protocols drop-down menu, click the protocols you want to include in the application.
    The application collects built-in metrics only from the selected protocols observed on the selected sources.
    • Click Any Protocol to collect built-in metrics from all protocols.
    • Click one or more individual protocols to collect built-in metrics from the selected protocols.
    • Click Unspecified Protocols to automatically collect built-in metrics from newly-registered or newly-licensed protocols. This option can be combined with individually selected protocols.
  11. (Optional): Click the Alerts tab and select an alert configuration you want to assign to the application.
    An alert is generated if traffic collected by the application meets the conditions specified by the alert configuration. For more information, see Alerts.
  12. Click Create.
  13. In the Confirm Create dialog box, click Create.

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Published 2023-01-30