Send records from ExtraHop to Google BigQuery

You can configure your Discover appliance to send transaction-level records to a Google BigQuery server for long-term storage, and then query those records from the ExtraHop Web UI and the ExtraHop REST API.

Before you begin

  • You need the BigQuery project ID
  • You need a credential JSON file from your BigQuery API authentication page
Note:Any triggers configured to send records through commitRecord to an Explore appliance are automatically redirected to the BigQuery. No further configuration is required.

Send records from ExtraHop to BigQuery

Complete this procedure on all connected Command and Discover appliances.
  1. Log into the Admin UI on the ExtraHop appliance.
  2. In the Records section, click Third-party Recordstore.
  3. Select Enable BigQuery as the recordstore.
    Important:If you are migrating to BigQuery from a connected Explore appliance, you will no longer be able to access records stored on the Explore appliance.
  4. In the Project ID field, type the ID for your BigQuery project. The project ID can be found in the BigQuery API console.
  5. In the JSON Credential File field, click Choose File and select the credential JSON file saved from your BigQuery project.
  6. Click Test Connection to verify that your Discover appliance can communicate with the BigQuery server.
  7. Click Save.
After your configuration is complete, you can query for stored records in the ExtraHop Web UI by clicking Records.
Important:Do not modify or delete the table in BigQuery where the records are stored. Deleting the table deletes all stored records.
Note:The Chart Summary and Group by selector are not available on the Records page.
Published 2022-08-15