Add an account for a remote user

Add a user account for LDAP or SAML users when you want to provision the remote user before that user logs into the appliance. After the user is added to the appliance, you can add them to local groups or share items directly with them before they log in through the LDAP or SAML provider.

  1. Log into the Admin UI on the Command or Discover appliance.
  2. In the Access Settings section, click Users.
  3. Click Add User.
  4. In the Personal Information section, type the following information:

    Login ID: The email address that the user logs into their LDAP or SAML SSO identity provider with.

    Full Name: The first and last name of the user.

  5. In the Authentication Type section, select Remote.
  6. Click Save.
Published 2022-06-21