Schedule a Flex Report

In a Command appliance, you can schedule the email delivery of a legacy Flex Report about network activity on a regular basis. A Flex Report contains data collected only for the email delivery time frame. For example, if you schedule a daily report, the report will only include metric data from the last 24 hours. To create a Flex Report with a time period different from the delivery time frame, you must download a single report.

Important:Reports for legacy protocol pages are deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

Before you begin

  1. Log into the Web UI on the Command appliance.
  2. Click the Systems Settings icon.
  3. Hover over Legacy Settings and then click Flex Reports.
  4. Select the report you would like to deliver by email.
  5. Click the Email Schedule tab and configure the following options for setting a delivery schedule:
    1. In the Schedule section, make one of the following selections:
      • Select No email schedule to prevent the PDF file from being sent by email.
      • Select Every day to schedule a daily report, and set the time of day that you want the PDF file delivered.
      • Select Every [day of week] to schedule a weekly report, and set the time of day you want the PDF file delivered.
    2. In the Email groups section, you can select a group of recipients that you want to send the PDF file to. If you do not see the email group you are looking for, you can configure email groups in the ExtraHop Admin UI or through the REST API. Contact your ExtraHop administrator to add an email group.
    3. In the Additional emails section, you can specify the individual email addresses to send the PDF file to. Separate multiple email addresses with line breaks.
  6. Click the Email Footers tab and select one of the following options to specify the content of the email:
    • Select None or Default to only include the following default content in your email:
       The scheduled report named [report name] for the time range [date and time] is attached. 
      This report is scheduled to run every [day or week]. Schedule settings can be modified from the 
      ExtraHop GUI. Recipient email groups can also be modified from the ExtraHop GUI, and email group 
      membership can be modified from the ExtraHop admin interface.
      Note:The ExtraHop GUI link launches the Web UI for the Command appliance.
    • Select Custom to include a message that appears below the default content. You can format your message in HTML markup.
  7. (Optional): Download the report to display a different time period than the scheduled time range.
  8. Click OK to save changes.
    Your report is scheduled.
Published 2021-05-10 17:12