Create a dashboard with dynamic sources

You can create a dashboard with dynamic sources to enable users to change the source of the dashboard at any time. If you have created a large number of dashboards that all have the same metrics, but different sources, you might want to consider replacing those dashboards with a single, dynamic-source dashboard.

Note:You cannot create reports for dashboards that contain dynamic source charts.
  1. Log into the Web UI on the Discover or Command appliance and click Dashboards at the top of the page.
  2. Select a dashboard that you want to edit.
  3. Set the source of each chart to a source type variable.
    1. Click the name of a chart and then click Edit.
    2. In the Sources field, type $.
      The Source Type Variables list appears.
    3. From the Source Type Variables list, select the type of source that you are replacing. For example, if you are replacing a device source, select $device.
  4. Click Save.
    At the top of the dashboard, the View Source drop-down menu appears.
  5. From the View Source drop-down menu, select the source that you would like to view metrics for.
    If no data is displayed in the dashboard charts, try refreshing the page.
Tip:If you want to hide the dynamic source menu from your dashboard, append the following parameter to the end of the dashboard page URL: &hideTemplatePanel=true.



For example:

Published 2021-06-09 14:42