Disable or delete a scheduled report

If want to stop the email delivery of a scheduled report you must disable or delete the report.

  1. Log into the Web UI on the Command appliance and then click Dashboards at the top of the page.
    Be sure to select a dashboard from My Dashboards or Dashboard Inbox in the left pane. You cannot access Scheduled Reports if you are viewing a system dashboard, such as the Activity dashboard.
  2. In the upper right corner of the page, click the command menu and then select Scheduled Reports. A Scheduled Reports window appears that contains the reports that you own.
  3. Select the checkbox next to a report and complete one of the following steps:
    • Click Disable in the upper right corner to temporarily stop the delivery of the report.
    • Click Delete in the upper right corner to permanently remove the report from the system.
  4. Click Done.

Next steps

To change the status of a scheduled report from disabled to enabled, repeat steps 1-3, and then click Enable in the upper right corner. The report is sent to email recipients based on the report frequency you specified.
Published 2021-06-09 14:42