View the device limit and device counts

The device limit is the total number of devices that can be in full analysis, which is determined by your license. While the Discover appliance can discover, monitor, and analyze a large number of devices in your network, a device limit ensures that the Discover appliance operates efficiently when there are too many devices. If you see that a device is in limited analysis, your device limit is exceeded.

The following steps show you how to view your licensed device limit and device counts, as shown in the following figure:

  1. Log into the Web UI on the Discover or Command appliance.
  2. Click the System Settings icon and then click Device Limits.
  3. For a Discover appliance, view the device limit by looking at the following information at the top of the table:
    Device Safety Limit
    The number of devices your Discover appliance is licensed to fully analyze.
    Active Devices in Limited Analysis
    The total number of devices for which only L2 and L3 network and throughput metrics are collected. When the number of devices is less than the device safety limit, this number is 0.
    Devices in Whitelist
    The number of devices that were manually added to the whitelist. The whitelist is a way to prioritize devices to receive full analysis in the case your device limit is exceeded.
  4. For a Command appliance, view the device limit for each Discover appliance connected to your Command appliance. Click the Discover appliance name to view device counts.
  5. View the total device count by clicking the for: drop-down list and selecting one of the following options:
    • Select Full Analysis and then click Search. These devices count towards your licensed device limit if they are eligible for licensing. The Discover appliance collects a complete set of L2-L7 protocol metrics for an active device in full analysis. This number can include devices that were manually added to the whitelist and active devices that were receiving full analysis before the device safety limit was reached.
      Note:L3 devices, pseudo devices, gateway devices, custom devices, and remote discovery devices are always included in the device count for full analysis.
    • Select Limited Analysis and then click Search. These devices receive limited analysis because the device safety limit is reached. The Discover appliance only collects L2 and L3 network and throughput metrics for devices in limited analysis.

      The Discover appliance determines which devices are in full analysis and limited analysis by prioritizing devices that are currently active and were discovered first.

      If you have a high-priority device that you always want to fully analyze, you can add that device to a whitelist.

    • Select Whitelist and then click SearchAll devices in the whitelist receive full analysis, regardless of activity.
      Note:A device might not appear in the whitelist if there is no associated data for the device observed within the selected time interval.
    • Select Eligible for Licensing and then click Search. The following devices are not included in this device count:
      • Devices that are considered inactive because they have not communicated with other devices for at least 30 minutes.
      • Devices not yet discovered by the ExtraHop system.
      • L2 parent devices that are associated with L3 child devices. L2 parent devices are created during L3 discovery mode. For more information, see Device discovery.
  6. (Optional): In the Find field, search for a device by typing device name. The Find field supports substring matching and regular expressions. Click Search.
  7. (Optional): Click a device name in the table to navigate to a protocol page where you can analyze metric data associated with the device.
Published 2021-04-07 20:06