Restore a Discover or Command appliance from a system backup

You can restore the ExtraHop system from the user-saved or automatic backups stored on the system. You can perform two types of restore operations; you can restore only customizations (changes to alerts, dashboards, triggers, custom metrics, for example), or you can restore both customizations and system resources.

  1. Log into the Admin UI on the Discover or Command appliance.
  2. In the System Configuration section, click Backup and Restore.
  3. Click View or Restore System Backups.
  4. Click Restore next to the user backup or automatic backup that you want to restore.
  5. Select one of the following restore options:
    Option Description
    Restore system customizations Select this option if, for example, a dashboard was accidentally deleted or any other user setting needs to be restored. Any customizations that were made after the backup file was created are not overwritten when the customizations are restored.
    Restore system customizations and resources Select this option if you want to restore the system to the state it was in when the backup was created.
    Warning:Any customizations that were made after the backup file was created are overwritten when the customizations and resources are restored.
  6. Click OK.
  7. (Optional): If you selected Restore system customizations, click View import log to see which customizations were restored.
Published 2021-06-09 14:42