Post a bundle to the ExtraHop website

After you create a bundle, you can post your bundle to the ExtraHop Solutions Bundle Gallery to share your work with the ExtraHop community.

  1. Download the bundle you want to share from your ExtraHop appliance.
    1. Log into the Web UI of a Discover or Command appliance.
    2. Click the System Settings icon .
    3. Click Bundles.
    4. Click the name of the bundle.
    5. Click Download.
      The bundle downloads as a .json file.
  2. In a web browser, go to the ExtraHop Solution Bundles Gallery.
  3. Click Contribute Now.
  4. Sign in with your username and password.
  5. In the Title field, type the bundle name.
  6. In the Minimum ExtraHop version field, type the earliest version of the ExtraHop firmware that supports all of the features contained in the bundle.
    We recommend that you specify the version of ExtraHop firmware that is currently running on your appliance. Specifying the current version ensures that your bundle will not be accidentally installed on an appliance that does not support the bundle.
  7. In the Select categories field, select an appropriate category.
    You can find descriptions of each bundle category on the bundle gallery page at
  8. In the Description field, type a description for the bundle.
    You can include Markdown syntax to style the Description, Requirements, and Installation instructions sections.
  9. In the Requirements field, type any requirements for the bundle.
    For example, the Ransomware Bundle requires that your data feed be configured to view SMB/CIFS traffic for your network-attached storage.
  10. In the Installation instructions field, type instructions for installing the bundle.
    For example, if your bundle requires the user to configure a trigger in a specific way, include that information in the installation instructions.
  11. Click the Browse button.
  12. Select the .json bundle file that you downloaded from the Discover or Command appliance.
  13. Review how the bundle page will display in the Bundle Details Preview section.
  14. Click Submit Bundle.
Bundles are reviewed by ExtraHop Support before the bundle appears on the ExtraHop website. The amount of time needed to review a bundle varies depending on the complexity and size of the bundle. In general, you can expect to see your bundle on the ExtraHop website within a few business days.
Published 2020-10-28 20:02