Migrate pseudo devices to custom devices

Pseudo devices are now replaced with custom devices. Any pseudo devices created on a previous version of ExtraHop firmware will remain on your Discover appliance until you migrate the pseudo device to a custom device. Unlike with pseudo devices, you do not need Admin UI privileges to configure a custom device.

You should consider migrating pseudo devices to custom devices under the following conditions:

  • Router devices must be able to report their full compliment of traffic. (Pseudo devices based on traffic flowing through router devices causes those statistics to be subtracted from the counts of the router device.)
  • Pseudo device configurations must be updated regularly and the more streamlined process of maintaining custom devices is preferred.
  • Custom devices for remote subnets need to be created by users who are not ExtraHop administrators.
  • Definitions of remote subnet devices need to be more granular than a simple IP subnet definition. (For example, the definition should be based on port number or VLAN.)

The following steps show you how to migrate pseudo devices:

  1. Create a new custom device that matches those currently defined for existing pseudo devices.
  2. Remove the old pseudo devices.
    Note:When performing steps 1 and 2 above, you should consider the appliance's licensed device limitations. For up to 24 hours, both devices for a remote subnet (the custom device and the pseudo device) will be considered active and count against device limits. When appliances are operating near their maximum licensed device count, consider performing the migration in multiple stages to ensure continuous coverage.
  3. Existing pseudo devices might have some of the associations in the following list. Update the following assignments to reference the new custom devices:
    • Group definitions
    • Device tags
    • Alert assignments
    • Custom page assignments
    • Flex grid assignments
    • Geomap assignments
    • Trigger assignments
Published 2021-06-09 14:42