Generate an activity map

An activity map is a dynamic visual representation of L4-L7 protocol activity between devices. You can generate an activity map for a single device, device group, or activity group for the selected time interval. Then, view traffic by servers or clients to see which devices are talking to each other over a specific protocol.

  1. Log into the Web UI on a Discover or Command appliance and then click Metrics at the top of the page.
  2. Complete one of the following steps:
    • Click Devices in the left pane and then click an individual device name.
      Note:You cannot generate an activity map for an L2 device (which only has a MAC address associated it) or for an L3 device in limited analysis. Make sure that you select an L3 device in full analysis. For more information about L2 devices, L3 devices, and limited analysis, see the Device Discovery FAQ.
    • Click Activity Groups in the left pane and then click an activity group name.
    • Click Device Groups in the left pane and then click a device group name.
  3. In the View section in upper right corner of the page, click Activity Map.

    An activity map opens and displays the device or group as the map origin.
  4. (Optional): In the From section in the left pane, click the device or group name. A drop-down list appears. Search for and select another device or group to dynamically update the map origin for the current map you are viewing.

    Note: If you select a device, activity map, or device group without associated protocol activity, an activity map will generate without any data.

Next steps

  • View traffic from your origin device to servers and clients by completing the following steps:
    • In the To section, click the field. A drop-down list appears with devices listed by protocol and role.
    • Select a name from the list. Click Add to select another level of protocol device traffic to your map.
  • Pan across the map by clicking-and-dragging your mouse, and zoom on the map by scrolling with your mouse or clicking the controls in the bottom right of the screen.
  • Access device protocol pages or records for the transaction between devices by clicking a circle or line. (Explore appliance only)
  • Export an activity map by clicking on the command menu in the upper right corner and selecting the type of file to download.
  • View your map in a 3D layout by clicking the command menu in the upper right corner of the map and selecting View 3D Layout.
  • Hover over a circle or line to view labels that include device and protocol names.
Published 2021-04-07 20:06