Reports FAQ

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about reports.

I just created a report. Why can't I click or select anything?

After creating a report from the Reports page, you must find and add metrics to your report from the Metrics section of the ExtraHop Web UI. Or, you can search for a device and then add that device or metric to your report.

When you find the metrics that you want to report on, click the Add to Reports icon near the top of the page and select a report name from the drop-down menu. The next time you open that report from the Reports page, you will see your metrics in the Report items field, and you can click Generate. Continue adding metrics to your report as needed.

My scheduled report does not include the time period I was expecting. How do I specify a different time period in my scheduled report?

The time period in the View report for field only specifies the time period for a manually generated report. This time period doesn’t apply when you specify a time period in the Email Schedule tab. The email schedule time period specifies both the email delivery cadence and the time period for data collection that is displayed in your report. For example, a daily report only displays 24 hours of data.

To change the time period in a scheduled report, change the selection in the View report for field and manually generate a one-time report.

Can I export my report as a CSV or Excel file instead of a PDF file?

You cannot generate a CSV or Excel report from the Discover or Command appliance.

How do I change the default text in my report emails?

All scheduled report emails contain the report name and time range in the first line (unless you specify that report emails contain no text). However, you can add a custom message. You can only schedule email delivery of reports in the Command appliance. Log into the Command appliance and open the report from the Reports page in Systems Settings. Click the Email Footer tab and select Custom. Add your message and click OK.

Published 2019-09-03 14:47