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Dashboard Walkthrough

Learn how to build a dashboard to help answer questions about website performance in your network environment.

Trigger Walkthroughs

Build a trigger to collect custom metrics for HTTP 404 errors

Learn how to build a trigger that creates custom metrics for HTTP 404 errors.

Build a trigger to monitor responses to NTP monlist requests

Learn how to keep NTP servers safe from amplification attacks through universal payload analysis.

Open Data Stream Walkthrough

Learn how to send metric data from your network to the AWS CloudWatch service through an open data stream connection.

Records Walkthroughs

Commit a custom record to monitor suspicious port activity

Learn how to commit custom records to monitor transactions that are occurring over suspicious ports associated with malware.

Query records to find missing web resources

Learn how to query records to drill-down on HTTP transaction metrics to discover the source of 404 errors and identify any missing resources on your web server.

Metrics Walkthrough

Learn how to identify potential issues with a DNS server by viewing system dashboards and built-in metrics.

System Health Walkthrough

Learn how to read System Health charts to help you assess trigger performance, monitor trigger resources, and expose problem triggers.

Bundle Walkthrough

Learn how to download, install, configure, and identify potential ransomware attacks with the Ransomware Bundle.