RPCAP Operating System List

Remote packet capture (RPCAP) forwards traffic from any remote server to the ExtraHop virtual appliance. RPCAP is similar to a physical network tap, but implemented through software for virtual environments.

Operating systems tested in the ExtraHop platform

The following table lists the operating systems that support remote packet capture (software tap) and the ExtraHop version that was tested with each operating system.

Operating System ExtraHop Platform Version
Linux Ubuntu 12.04 4.1.23103
Linux Ubuntu 14 4.1.23059
Linux Cent0S 5 4.1.23119
Linux Cent0S 6 4.1.23119
Windows Server 2008 4.1.23059
Windows Server 2012 4.1.23119
Windows 7 4.1.23059
Windows 8 4.1.23059
Published 2019-09-16 14:46