Install the SSL Decryption Board

  1. Remove the Extrahop Discover appliance from the data center rack.
  2. Open the top cover by rotating the locking clasp to the unlock position and then pull the clasp up to release the cover.
  3. The SSL card must be installed in one of the two PCI slots. See the empty slot indicated below.
  4. Lift up the blue tab to remove the PCI slot cover (The blue tab might not detach).
  5. Unpack the SSL board.
  6. Insert the board into the PCI slot.
    Note:There is no external port on the SSL card.
  7. Replace the blue tab and the appliance cover.
  8. Place the appliance back into the data center rack and power the system on.
    Warning:The internal drive installed in your system might dislodge when you open the case. Make sure the drive is properly seated before reinstalling the cover.
Published 2018-09-24 21:24