Solution Bundle List

The following table lists the solution bundles displayed on the ExtraHop Support Forum as of ExtraHop version 4.0. When using a bundle, ensure the data applies to your version of the ExtraHop system.

Bundle Title Link Author
Bundle: Excessive HTTP Hits from Certain Referers Gumby
Bundle: Expiring SSL Certificates Gumby
Bundle: Heatmaps for DB and HTTP Processing Time Gumby
Bundle: Problem DNS Queries Gumby
Bundle: Russian DNS Queries mitchell
Bundle: Sample Cross-Tier Page Gumby
Bundle: Sample Multi-Event Trigger Gumby
Bundle: Sample TCP Application Gumby
Bundle: Un-decrypted SSL Traffic ShaunDavid
Capture Zero Windows to PCAP Gumby
Capturing past info from a triggered event. Gumby
CIFS Error by Client and Method Weaver
CIFS File Usage Monitoring mitchell
Cloud App Monitoring Module Fox
Credit Cards Passed in the Clear Fox
Database Client Processing Time Noreaster
DNS Request Timeouts Nick
Example - Universal Payload Analysis for DCE/RPC ryanc
Example - Universal Payload Analysis for DHCP ryanc
Example - Universal Payload Analysis for ICAP ryanc
Example - Universal Payload Analysis for Syslog ryanc
Exchange ActiveSync bundle ShaunDavid
ExtraHop Citrix ICA XenApp and XenDesktop Solution Bundle DrSnaut
ExtraHop Citrix Web Interface Bundle (Users & Applications) DrSnaut
ExtraHop Defaults Bundle DrSnaut
ExtraHop for AWS: AWS Services Bundle Fox
ExtraHop for AWS: Regions and AZs Fox
ExtraHop Log Insight Bundle Fox
ExtraHop Sharepoint Bundle (cross-tier correlation) DrSnaut
ExtraHop Splunk Bundle DrSnaut
FQDN Web Application Noreaster
Getting at Database Table Names Noreaster
Heartbleed Bundle, DE Compatible blood
HowTo: Trigger hacks from a javascript shell juggernaut
IBM CICS Transaction Gateway Solution Bundle Noreaster
Identifying HTTP Authorization Failures TxSteveO_EH
OnDemand PCAP Bundle fookanen
Origin Address of HTTP 500 error different than IIS log Gumby
Proxy Process Monitoring heliox
Radius Bundle - Simple but Kool! Noreaster
Sample Database Bundle Noreaster
Sample ICA Dashboards Gumby
Security and Compliance Solution Bundle heliox
Send The POODLE To The Pound Gumby
Shellshock over DHCP Bundle ryanc
Shellshock over HTTP Bundle, DE Compatible ryanc
Simple Precision Packet Capture Example Gumby
syslog cheap trick for splunkers tomjansto
Trigger: TTL in DNS Gumby
URI's by Client Noreaster
User Agent Reporting Bundle (and more!) ShaunDavid
User Tracking Bundle (F5 APM) fookanen
UserAgent Tracking Bundle Noreaster
Visualize L4 metrics (protocols not L7 parsed by ExtraHop) TimHughes
WAN Opt Analysis Bundle heliox
Web Optimization -- Compression Fox
World Cup Tracker heliox
Published 2019-04-08 14:41