Configure the iDRAC Remote Access Console

If your ExtraHop system is deployed in a data center or other remote environment, you might need to remotely access the console and its power-management features. This remote access is available on the ExtraHop system through the Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC). Enabling and configuring the iDRAC enables an administrator to power cycle a system, view console messages, and review hardware monitoring and boot logs.

The iDRAC interface is enabled on the following ExtraHop appliances by default: EH3000, EH6000, EH8000, and Explore.

This guide provides a basic overview of the features that ExtraHop Networks has found most useful for remote management of the ExtraHop system:

  • Accessing the iDRAC

  • Configuring the iDRAC with a static IP address

  • Launching the iDRAC Virtual Console

  • Power cycling the system

  • Changing a user password

  • For more information about using the iDRAC, refer to the iDRAC in-product help.

Accessing the iDRAC

  1. When the appliance is running, the LCD displays the existing IP. Under the LCD, press the checkmark button between the two arrows.

  2. Highlight iDRACand press the checkmark button.

  3. Highlight IPand press the checkmark button.

  4. Write down the IP address that appears on the LCD.

  5. Open your browser, enter the IP address, and log in with username root and the service tag number listed in the screen or on the pullout at the front of the appliance. The password is case-sensitive.

Configuring the iDRAC with a Static IP Address

  1. Under iDRAC Settings in the left tree control, click Network.

  2. Scroll down to IPv4 Settings section, uncheck the DHCP Enable checkbox, and enter the Static IP information.

Launching the iDRAC Virtual Console

  1. Click Overview in the left tree control, click the Console tab, and then click Launch Virtual Console.

    A file will begin downloading to your workstation.

  2. When the file has downloaded, delete the characters after viewer.jnlp and open the file immediately following its completion (1 minute or less).

  3. At the prompt, click Continue.

  4. When the java applet finishes installing, click Run.

  5. Click the Always trust this certificate. checkbox and click Run.

  6. Click OK.

Power Cycling the System

  1. Under Overview>Server in the left tree control, click Power/Thermal.

  2. Click the Power Control drop-down menu and select Reset System (warm reboot).

  3. When you click on Launch Virtual Console, the iDRAC launches a new window as your virtual console.

Changing a User Password

  1. Reboot the system and press F2.

  2. Under the System Setup Main Menu, click iDRAC Settings.

  3. Under iDRAC Settings, click User Configuration.

  4. In the text box next to Change Password, enter the service tag number on the pullout tab below the LCD.

  5. In the pop-up window, re-enter the service tag number and click OK.

  6. Click the Escape key.

  7. At the prompt, click Yes to save the changes.

  8. Click OK to save the changes.

  9. On the System Setup screen, click Escape.

  10. Click Yes to exit and reboot the iDRAC.

Published 2019-09-16 14:47