Analyze Lync Traffic

Follow this procedure to view Lync traffic in your network environment using the ExtraHop system.

  1. In the ExtraHop Admin UI, go to the Configuration section, click Capture, and then click SSL Decryption.

  2. In the SSL Decryption Keys section, click Add Keys and provide the certificate and private key you're using for your Lync Server.

  3. In the Encrypted Protocols section, click Add Protocol, and add SIP (port 5061) and HTTP (port 443), choosing the newly added key for each protocol.

  4. Go to the ExtraHop Web UI and view the RTP, RTCP, and SIP pages for applications and devices of interest. You should see your ExtraHop system begin to process and display metrics that include Lync traffic.

For more information about adding SSL decryption keys, refer to the Capture section of the ExtraHop Admin UI Users Guide.

Published 2019-09-16 14:47