Set Up Multiple Management Interfaces on Virtual Appliances

After installing an ExtraHop virtual appliance, it is possible to add a second management interface. This guide describes how to use the vSphere ESX configuration tool to add a second management interface the following ExtraHop virtual appliances:

  • EH1000v

  • EH2000v

  • ExtraHop Central Manager (ECM)

To add a second management interface:

  1. Modify the appliance’s NIC settings to include a second management NIC.

    1. In vSphere, open the Settings panel for the virtual appliance.

    2. Press the Add button.

    3. Select Ethernet Adapter.

    4. Click the Type drop-down list and select E1000.

    5. Click the Network Label drop-down list and select the network connection for the NIC to use.

    6. Verify the settings. (The network adapter is connected after the ExtraHop virtual appliance is restarted in a later step.)

  2. Modify the Running Config on the ExtraHop virtual appliance.

    1. In the ExtraHop Admin UI, click Running Config and click Edit.

    2. Add the following IP list configuration below the gateway in the net section:

    3. When you click Update, the system attempts to reconnect to your IP address.

  3. Restart the virtual appliance in the ExtraHop Admin UI.

    1. Log in to the ExtraHop Admin UI, go to the System Settings section, and click Shutdown/Restart.

    2. In the System section, click Shutdown.

If you reach an error page after performing these steps, redirect your browser to the ExtraHop Admin UI to confirm the new management interface is present.
Published 2019-08-19 14:49