Install the SSD Drive in the EH5000

This guide describes how to install the SSD drive in the ExtraHop EH5000 appliance. Do not attempt to install or replace the drives in slots 0-3 unless instructed by ExtraHop Support.

Ensure that your ExtraHop license has packet capture enabled before beginning this procedure.

  1. In the Admin UI, go to System Settings and click Disk. If the Drive Map shows the last slot (Disk #7) in red, you must install or replace the SSD drive.

  2. Insert the SSD drive into the last slot (Disk #7) and wait for the LED on the drive to turn green.

  3. In the Admin UI, refresh the browser. The Drive Map shows the last slot in yellow because the drive is present but not configured.

  4. Next to SSD Assisted Packet Capture, click Enable.

  5. Wait about 1 minute for the drive to be configured and brought online.

  6. The browser automatically refreshes. The Drive Map shows the SSD drive as green and the Status changes to Online.

    If the SSD drive is dislodged and reinserted, you can re-enable it. This process requires reformatting the disk, which erases all data.
Published 2019-09-16 14:47