How Bridging Mode Works

You can use Bridging mode to deploy ExtraHop Discovery Edition on a desktop hypervisor that doesn’t have access to a virtual switch. Imagine you’re running the ExtraHop Discovery Edition on your laptop. With Bridging mode enabled, you’ll be able to see in the ExtraHop administration dashboard any activity on the network that your laptop can see. If you browse to Google or MSDN, you’ll see corresponding HTTP requests appear in the ExtraHop UI. If you open Outlook or Mail, you’ll see those TCP requests go out over the wire, too.

Bridging mode is a networking technology that allows you to bind the two virtual network interfaces on the ExtraHop system to one or more physical network interfaces on your host computer. The ExtraHop system will have its own IP addresses separate from the IP address that your laptop is using. Although the ExtraHop system is running inside a VM, it will appear as another device on the network.

Published 2019-04-08 14:41